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Our products are handmade in Coolaney, Co. Sligo, born out of a passion for cooking and love for food. We offer delightful and unique taste and original flavour combinations. Preserves not just for toast is our motto!



Pyne’s Preserves are homemade artisan preserves in jars and bottles and are an ideal gift for anyone who loves delicious food, unusual flavour combinations for the real foodie at heart.

We provide the highest quality products made in small batches, which ensure the taste of home cooking.

We have created some of the most unusual flavours for preserves ranging from banana jam, mango & passion fruit jam, red onion blueberry & thyme marmalade, to a range of chilli jams, salad dressings and even glitter syrups for your drinks! Our best-seller jam is chilli & bacon flavour. We strive to develop new ranges of flavours in our preserves.

Pyne’s Preserves are very versatile and can be used in a multiple different ways. A teaspoon of sweet jam can add a unique taste to any of your sauces and marmalade is great as an addition to desserts or cakes. Our Chilli jam, on the other hand, performs superbly in the company of savoury ingredients in meat dishes, adding a balanced touch of heat.

We do not use any flavour enhancers, dyes or preservatives in any of our products. We only use natural, often seasonal products in our preserves that are sourced locally.

Our preserves are ideal gifts for family, friends and are a perfect surprise for any food lovers in your life, which is why we offer elegant gift bags and hampers. Contact us today with your enquiry and we can make up a beautiful gift or hamper for you.

jams pynes preserves co sligo

01. Jams​

We have created some of the most unique and unusual flavours of artisan jams made with natural ingredients sourced locally. Jams range from chilli, through to blueberry and strawberry to limited edition seasonal jams such as pumpkin or rhubarb flavours.

marmalades pynes preserves co sligo

02. Marmalades​

Our marmalades can have a different consistency to our jams, it can be less or more set. Because of this, they are not only suitable for toast, but also for home baking many sweet pastries, such as croissants, donuts, buns or cookies, as well as pancakes. They also work very well with cheese and crackers.

salad dressing pynes preserves co sligo

03. Salad Dressings​

We believe that a good salad dressing can work wonders and turn any boring salad into a particularly tasty meal. Salad dressings created by Pyne’s Preserves thanks to their unique flavours are ideal not only for salads but also meat and vegetable dishes such as roast vegetables or grilled meat.

shimmer syrup pynes preserves co sligo

04. Shimmer Syrups​

Transform your prosecco or gin cocktail into sparkling alcohol drink with our shimmer syrups. It’s time for a fancy, luxurious edition, impress your guests. Make your drink look hypnotizing and tasty! Shimmer syrups work in any sparkling alcoholic, non alcoholic drink or soft drinks.

other preserves pynes preserves co sligo

05. Other Preserves

Pyne’s Preserves aren’t only about jams. We also offer other preserves such as our famous Cowboy Candies sauce or try the newest addition which is Fruity Brown Sauce. You can add our Cowboy Candies to various dishes – get creative, they work super with beans, slow cooked meat etc. They also taste great as an addition to salads or sandwiches. Our Fruity Brown Sauce is excellent with breakfast – the full Irish fry, sandwiches or as an addition to other sauces and meats.

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